How to build a successful brand

As for most skin care products and drugstore items, I have now reached a level that I say it’s every word a lie. No DEO in the world keeps 24 hours dry and fresh. I would be happy if it could last 8 hours. Any expensive anti-dandruff shampoo leaves more than enough dandruff behind. For this reason I have meanwhile switched to putting on cheap cosmetics. If I have to buy them, then at least as cheap as possible. But there is another way. There are actually products that keep their promise.

My experiences with Eucerin

My hands are dry – almost always when temperatures drop a little. The skin becomes cracked and painful, especially in winter. I used dozens of hand creams. If you put them on, the hands look good for a short time, a short time later it’s over. With Eucerin it was different. It was the only hand cream that could restore my skin.

The same game with the face. Especially when it comes to children, we parents only want the best. Our little son always has very red cheeks in the cold seasons. The cold simply drains a lot of water. Unless someone has oily skin, it actually acts as an exit barrier in the cold. In any case, we have tried a few things. Only this cream worked here:



Eucerin Ultra Sensitive was the only one who could keep his skin in good condition. In the others, either the cheeks were always bright red despite the cream or there were signs of allergy or intolerance.

That’s the way it goes with this brand. A clear red thread is visible: clinic staff recommend it, parents recommend it – and with good reason. Because, unlike many other full-bodied promises, it actually delivers what it promises.

As background information: Eucerin is a brand of Beiersdorf AG, one of the largest corporations in Germany. Its best-known product is Nivea. Eucerin was established as a premium brand, which is mainly sold in pharmacies. This is intended to be an additional sign of quality. The brand is also active internationally. The special Anti Dermatite (English: Dermatitis) products are highly regarded in the Italian and French-speaking regions.

For me, Eucerin is a prime example of successful marketing work. The product works, it actually helps for the problems for which it was developed. The awareness gets around in the necessary circles, so that it sells itself almost by itself. That’s how it works today in times of digitalization. Good performance quickly gets around.

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