How to profit from football betting

Sports betting has been done since sporting competitions have existed. Who is not familiar with the betting games for the European Football Championship or World Cup, which are held in many offices. Most of the time, the bets are for small amounts and the fun is in the foreground.

But there are also professional players who hope to make a profit through the skilful use of money based on odds and risk. One of these providers is BETFLIX, which offers current football matches and their odds on its website. But also a lot of casino games.

So what should you look out for when trying to make money with sports betting?

The following tips are not a recommendation to gamble, I am just trying to pass on my experience of trying to make money on a speculative basis.

Money management

Risk only a small portion of the money you are willing to gamble. If you have set yourself a total budget of 1000,-, then risk only 20,- per bet. The reason is that if you lose, you still have 98% of the budget left, so you only need to win a little over 2% to get back into the black. However, if you risk 50% and lose, then you need 100% to get back into the black. You will definitely lose money, because odds are not a guarantee of winning, they are just probabilities. And you never know if the next game will be the one where you lose.

Closely related to this is the advice to only play with money you can spare. Don’t expect to get rich from sports betting. If it works out, great, if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t plunge you into financial difficulties.

Become a professional footballer

Relying blindly on odds takes some of the fun out of it. Work your way into the material. Which coaches are in? How did team A play in the past and why? Were they random events or is there a system behind them, like a previously unknown game strategy? Combine this knowledge with the odds and make your own predictions. Because: The odds are available to all readers. You should supplement them with your own expertise.

If this is not fun for you, then you should rather look for another sport.


If you hope to get lucky, you can get rich overnight or lose everything. But that is the stupid way. The smart bettor has excellent money management skills, is an expert in his field and has himself under control. He approaches the matter in a disciplined and unemotional way. Even when he loses, he does not blame others, but sees this as an opportunity to review his strategy and develop himself further.

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