The Accordini Igino Winery – Top Red Wine from Italy

Italy is probably the country that brought the epicurean culture to Europe. In the beautiful warm south, noble ladies and gentlemen wanted to eat and drink only the finest of the finest. This is how a centuries-old eating and drinking culture developed, which has become more and more refined over time. One example of this is the Accordini Igino winery, where there are incredible wines for connoisseurs to discover.

The winery of Accordi Igino

The winery was founded by the owner of the same name. Since then, the knowledge of winemaking has been passed on from one generation to the next.

For some time now, the founder’s son Guido has been running the business and has since massively expanded the clientele. The wines from Accordi Igino are now international bestsellers.

Guido graduated in oenology in 1975 and subsequently worked for the Campari Group, among others.

Such experience does not remain without consequence, of course. Anyone who works in a leading position at one of the world’s most famous spirits producers takes an immense amount of expertise with them. Expertise in the production of alcoholic beverages, customer service and, above all, marketing and sales.

After a few years at Campari, Guiod decided to take over his father’s local winery and revive the family tradition. Under his leadership, the winery expanded to a size of 30 hectares. It started with just 2 in 1971.

Due to his skilful business activities, the production volume and the sales figures increased. Above all, numerous buyers outside of Italy came in.

The best-selling wine on the estate is the “Amarone dell Valpolicella”. It is said that this wine has a very special character that distinguishes it from many others in its category. Everything simply fits here. The incredibly beautiful colour and the composition of the aromas. You can feel a hint of liquorice and tobacco when you enjoy it.

A special highlight is the Amarone Riserva. This special drop is not produced every year, but only from the best grapes. It is a special bottling that is stored 24 months longer than the normal wine.

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