Top Tips – Be successful on Instagram

A few years ago, Facebook or YouTube were the places where personalities could grow from nothing to stardom. Today, Instagram is all the rage. The reason for this is that some formats are simply better accepted on mobile devices than others. In addition, young people in particular fled Facebook because they could be virtually monitored by their entire family there. All this has led to Instagram currently being one of the most successful social media channels. How do you manage to be successful there? Here are some of our tips.

Instagram – what is it good for?

Basically, you should know that Instagram is a medium that communicates with the help of images. Companies or people can use photos or videos to show what they want. And what they think people might like. It´s also possible to buy Instagram Views cheap, by advertising on this channel with some longtail keywords.

Thus, this channel is mainly suitable for topics where visuals play a role. Of course, the pretty models who put themselves in the limelight here are very well known. But pictures of food and recipes were also successful. In other words, everything that people like to look at. Niche channels where interest groups share their photos also do well: Fans of rum, fans of wristwatches – everything is possible.

It is important to know: Unlike Pinterest or Facebook, no links or posts can be shared on Instagram that go to the “outside”. Accordingly, it makes no sense to try to push blog posts there. Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook are better suited for this.


How do you become successful with Instagram?

For companies from the B2B sector, this is not necessarily the best place to bring innovations to the world. But Instagram is good for that, for building a brand and offering insights into the inner workings of a company. Therefore it will be helpful to build up an account for the company. And we recommend to use online marketing services as a real instagram booster, to make it look professional immediately. Because in the business there is nothing more emberassing, than a new account, that has no followers and to content to offer. Start with a solid fanbase, so new visitors will feel less hesitation to subscribe.

The logo in each photo makes a good impression on visitors. Something like this is interesting for human resources marketing in order to ensure that there are enough young professionals. Young people inform themselves about companies on “their” channels.

As far as the number of fans is concerned, there are two different approaches. One is to simply post your content and let it grow naturally. However, there are also faster options in this regard. Experts say that in the beginning it makes sense to buy a few likes through special service providers. Simply for the reason that there are already a few subscriptions. Nobody likes to be the first to subscribe to a user. Someone who “only” has 10 fans comes across as unserious. That’s why they say: buy a few hundred or a few thousand at the beginning and then it will be a no-brainer.

One last tip: If you want to make Instagram a source of traffic somehow, you can insert the URL of your domain into the pictures. Some of the visitors might bite and be drawn out of the closed world into the free internet.

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