CBD products – what you should know

Cannabis is culturally a plant that has always been said to have a number of positive effects on health. But what are these? Are they really present? And if so, why is the plant still banned? Here is a short overview.

Why is cannabis forbidden in a lot of countries?

Cannabis was legal almost everywhere in the world until the 1930s. The ban was brought about by the efforts of the overzealous US official Harry J. Anslinger. He was active as a narcotics investigator in times of alcohol prohibition. After the prohibition was ended, the anti-drug authority looked for a new enemy image in order not to sink into insignificance. Anslinger wrote reports according to which the use of cannabis almost inevitably leads to people committing suicide or causing fatal traffic accidents. He also massively pushed for a worldwide ban with the help of the UN in the 1960s. So it is thanks to this stiff careerist of public servants that the world owes it that cannabis users are considered criminal.

What advantages does cannabis offer?

In the meantime the trend has been somewhat tilted. Many countries legalize the use of cannabis. Especially chronic pain patients benefit from its analgesic and calming effect. Germany is currently still reluctant to do so, but in the long term the chances are good that it will be approved.


What are CBD products?

Cannabis plants contain two important active ingredients:

  • THC
  • CBD

The THC is the one that causes consumers to get “high” or foggy. For this reason, it is actually not the plant as such, but the active ingredient, which is considered prohibited in the Narcotics Act (Annex I to ยง 1 BtMG). CBD, on the other hand, is not on the list according to current legislation.

For this reason, a small industry has developed around CBD in the last few years, which tries to make the positive effects of this component of cannabis available to people. CBD products are often offered as CBD oil, but they are basically available in almost every imaginable form. Namely as:

  • Food
  • cosmetics
  • CBD Hash
  • for smoking in the E-cigarette
  • Powder
  • etc.

The positive effects of CBD products are said to be based on a whole range of vitamins and minerals, to which some plant by-products are added.

On the one hand the use of CBD products results in an increased supply of important vitamins and minerals to the body.

On the other hand, the CBD is supposed to provide relief from pain. This makes it especially interesting for chronic pain patients. These patients often take strong painkillers for years, which in the long run can damage the kidneys and liver. This often leads to a permanent need for dialysis.

The same applies to the intake of psychotropic drugs. Nowadays, many people suffer from stress and anxiety states. CBD is also said to be able to help here, because it is said to have a calming and mood-lifting effect.

All in all, CBD products are definitely a gentle method to help with certain symptoms. Whoever they help is of course very happy about their extremely gentle effect. If I would be directly affected, I would definitely try it, too.



All information without guarantee. This is not legal advice, medical advice or other advice. I only give my subjective opinions on CBD products.

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