Panic attacks – it can affect anyone

When living beings are in danger, they react instinctively with three types of behavior: petrifaction, flight and attack. This is exactly what happens in a panic attack, except that there is objectively no obvious reason for it, as there is no immediate danger. The body goes into a state of alarm for a few minutes and only then can it be calmed down again. For those affected, such attacks are usually a great strain. They have the feeling of losing control and make their anxiety even worse. However, there are ways out of the misery.

What causes panic attacks?

Among the most important causes of panic attacks are anxiety disorders, so say tthe experts of Trauma counselling Nanaimo. These are physical fear reactions to stimuli that are not appropriate to the situation in terms of their intensity. For example, the fear of an exam. Of course, exams are important, but they are not life-threatening.

Such anxiety disorders can be both physical and psychological. It is important to have them treated by a doctor and/or a therapist as soon as possible. Otherwise there is a risk that it will stabilize, harden and generalize. If it has come to this point, then the affected person is almost afraid of everything and can no longer lead a normal life.

It is therefore important to find out whether the panic attack is psychological or physical. Then the foundation for improvement of the situation is already laid.


What helps against panic attacks?

The first step is to accept that you are only human and that panic attacks can affect anyone. This also reduces a certain amount of pressure.

Psychological therapy is one of the means to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. With the help of talk therapy, psychoanalysis or behavioral therapy, the cause of the mental stress is identified and treated. Many anxieties first arise in the head. With a change in thought and behavioral patterns, they can often be brought under control again.

One possibility for an acute measure is to consciously slow down the breath. By reducing the breathing intervals, the oxygen supply in the body is reduced and the brain gives the heart the command to beat more slowly. Otherwise there is a risk of an oxygen deficiency. This slows down the heartbeat and thus reduces other symptoms associated with a panic attack.

The same effect occurs if you drink a glass of water. This also slows down your breathing, and also puts your mind on other thoughts. Therefore, it is good if those affected always carry a bottle with them.

Meditation, autogenic training, yoga and other relaxation techniques can sometimes be enough to prevent panic attacks. If you integrate them regularly into your everyday life and actively work on the goal of finding inner peace, you can already bring about relief.

In any case, it is very important to actively participate in finding a solution and to get help from an experienced professional.

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