Online Casinos – More security with Pay N Play?

Currently, a lot is happening in Germany regarding online gambling. Until now, Schleswig Holstein was the one federal state where players were legally allowed to gamble on the web. In others not really. This in turn was not quite in line with the laws of the EU. This is probably why the issue has never really been pursued or punished. In addition, several German states currently want to open up the market completely. Therefore, it can probably be said that the Germans have already played slot machines online, and now more will probably do so. For all those who want to become active in this area, sooner or later the question will arise: Where and how can you safely gamble online?

There are lots of casinos known in the web fort their trusted security. Like: Mr Green,, Pokerstars and others. In their cases players don´t have to fear problems. But how to be sure if you don´t know the Serivce yet?


Why security in online casinos is so important

If you look around in the forums on the web, you will read statements like Data theft, credit card abuse, no payout of winnings. How can that be? Very simple. Many users do not look at the origin of the casino. Some of them are based in Africa or Asia. And if they don’t pay out, then it’s hard to get in. In addition, they could also be made by crooks who get a whole range of important data in one go.

If you want to avoid such problems altogether, you can try a completely different solution. There are so-called Pay n Play Casinos without registration, where the risk of fraud is completely eliminated. This is possible with the help of the payment provider Trustly. This company is listed on the stock exchange in Sweden, so that the seriousness is guaranteed. With the help of Trustly, users are allowed to play in casinos without the need for registration. Trustly acts here as a kind of intermediary:

The casino operator does not know who the user is. But in case of a payout, Trustly documents all transactions based on current laws, so German tax authorities will be satisfied.

This is an advantage for the player because the operator has to qualify to do business with the Swedes at all. In a Pay N Play casino, it is therefore guaranteed that there will never be any arbitrary amounts that cannot be paid out. This is only possible if certain conditions have previously been clearly stated that some funds may not be deducted. However such a thing applies only if for example a welcome bonus of 25, 50 or 100 euros was granted. Playing two or three times and then taking the money with you, of course, is not allowed.

Pay N Play is therefore very user-friendly. You only need one registration and can then play with your Trustly Login without having to buy countless accounts at dozens of casinos. This makes it easier for you to try out a little here and there and find the provider that suits you the most.

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